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From Vincent Tence <>
Subject Re: [authx] Help with complicated authorization
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2005 19:10:27 GMT

> I looked into Tapestry a while ago and it seemed overly complicated from 
> the very outset.  I mean, it seemed to require a lot of work to get even 
> a simple webapp up and running.  

It requires some time to learn it, but once you get it, putting up a
webapp is
pretty easy and fast. The catalog of web components is really cool.

> I'll do some more looking into Tapestry 
> because there are some things about JSF I don't like.  For one thing, it 
> seems like it will be impossible to add form elements in a dynamic 
> fashion with DHTML and not doing form resubmits.

That's the real plus of Tapestry. It goesa along very well with
traditional HTML development.


> It all sounds very cool.  Unfortunately, I need to start cranking some 
> stuff out right away, so I think I'll need to go with Acegi for now. 

I can't blame you for that ;-) That's the wise choice for now

>  As for where to start, it's hard to say since I'm not familiar enough with 
> what's there.  I would say probably getting the policy stuff to be more 
> dynamic (if it isn't already) would be the first thing to work on.

Scripted rules are already dynamics. they get reloaded every time the
script file change. XML rules doesn't support that, altough it could be

I'm curious. How do you make Acegi permissions dynamic? I've not find a
way to fdo that without reloading the Spring Context.

-- Vincent

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