On 5/19/2005 11:35 AM, Jesper Söderlund wrote:
Stub compiler...

Hi All,
I know I was adviced by some people on this list to do BER coding / decoding by hand, but I tried to make it run with the stub compiler nontheless.

Needless to say I was not successful :(

I made a pretty simple approach in running the test since I could find no main-class driving the stub compiler I piggy backed on one of the unittestest "CompilerTest" and changed to my grammar instread.

The error I received was

------------- Standard Error -----------------
line 5:1: unexpected token: EXPORTS
------------- ---------------- ---------------

so it choked right at the beginning.

So I wanted to get your advice on whether it's feasible to get the following grammar through the stub-compiler or if it's totally out of scope.

Perhaps there's a better way to run the stub-compiler than from the unit test which would make it more compliant?

The stub compiler is not complete and represents my good intentions.

Seriously, we welcome anyone who is remotely interested in helping out w/ this.