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From Vinod Panicker <>
Subject Re: [mina] No buffer space available
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 04:29:32 GMT
Hi Martin,

On 5/21/05, Martin J. Wells <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm trying to do a little NIO load testing and I'm seeing the following
> exception (this is on an XP dev box):
> No buffer space available (maximum connections
> reached?): connect

First off, what startup options are you passing to the JVM?  Also, the
error message also seems to indicate that you are running out of file
handles (descriptors).

> This occurs when the client gets past about 400 sockets (the server is on
> the same machine).

Remember that the client will actually be using up file handles as
well as available port numbers, and the server will be using up just
file handles.  Also on Windows, each socket doesnt necessarily mean a
single file handle getting used.  In my tests, I've seen multiple file
handles being used up for a single socket connection.

> I've upped my registry TcpNumConnections, and I'm not running out of ram.
> I've also tried reducing the buffer's on the sockets to 1024 bytes, but this
> seems to make no difference on either side.

Try upping the default memory values used by the JVM by passing starup
options (Xss and something else I forget.  do look it up)


PS: I'd recommend that you do these tests on a server OS such as
Windows 2003 Server or Windows 2000 Server.  MS does place limits on
other desktop OS's.

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