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From Artur Edward <>
Subject Problem with decode method and ByteBuffer size...
Date Thu, 19 May 2005 12:50:15 GMT
Hello !
  I have two question. First is how do I need to proceed, if my
"ProtocolDecoder" implementation's "decode" method is invoked with
"ByteBuffer in" totally filled, but containing for example five full
objects and part of the sixth ?
  I was thinking to keep this sixth element's part as session's
attachement and to look for it each time at the beginning of the
"decode" method. Is this approach reasonable ?
  I have found this problem when i was testing server's throughput
using "crazy" client which was requesting server in loop without any
  Other thing is that when i'm trying to change "ReceiveBufferSize" with 
"cfg.setSessionReceiveBufferSize( 4096);" in
"sessionOpened(ProtocolSession session)" method of my
"ProtocolHandlerAdapter" implementation :-)
it's to late because io layer is already receiving requests using
default buffer size. Is there a way to change this behaviour ? Or
maybe i am wrong...

Thanks a lot for help !

With best regards from Poland !
- Artur Zielazny

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