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From Alex Burmester <>
Subject [mina] More complicated example
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 15:46:34 GMT
Hi, I have read through the mina source and understand the simple examples
I also basically understand creation of a more complex protocol.

I am wondering how one would create something like protocol router
where a java process listens on two sets of ports and once connections are 
established, it can route protocol packets between the two sides of the 
server process.

I was originally going to use nio and a single selector thread to do all 
the work because the protocol is lightweight and I would avoid thread 
synchronization issues.  

I came across mina and I like the idea of using an extensible framework.
It appears that if I use mina I will end up with a worker thread per 
listen port in mina and I'm wondering how I can coordinate traffic between 
them without performance issues.

Any ideas?



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