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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [release][VOTE] Releasing MINA 0.7.1
Date Sun, 15 May 2005 20:24:14 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:

> David Boreham wrote:

> > -1 from me. I'd like to see the memory leaks fixed before releasing.

Not that it applies here, but a couple of observations.  Were David a PMC
member, a -1 *on code* with a technical justification would be a binding
veto of that change.  On a release, it is not a veto, but consideration
should be given.

> > In our experience the leaks in MINA make Apache DS almost
> > unusable.

> However I'd like to take this opportunity to clear up some potential
> misunderstanding or miscommunication regarding our version numbers.
> This release is not a stable (production grade) release.  A memory leak
> is just fine for odd minor numbered releases.

This use of odd/even numbering to have a quality semantic may well be
confusing to people.  The HTTP server project mentions alpha, beta and GA
releases.  Jakarta projects refer to "builds", as in nightly, milestone,
beta and Release.  A "Release Build" is like a GA release.  I'd suggest
considering one of those, or something in reasonably common usage.

	--- Noel

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