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From "Ryan Rhodes" <>
Subject [MINA] Where do i store a Principal?
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 18:55:34 GMT
Hello All

I posted a lot of questions to the Netty list and Trustin was always very 
helpful.  Iím really excited about the directions mina is taking.

I extended the reverser example into a simple chat server.  This is just 
like echo server except all incoming input is echo to all connections.  I do 
this by maintaining a list of IoSession in the protocol handler.

First question:  Does Mina already have some internal list of IoSession that 
I can use to loop through for output?  Is my list redundant?

Second question:  Whats the best approach to adding authentication to a mina 

Is there any examples in apache directory that I can look at for integrating 
principals with mina?  I found an LdapPrincipal, but I could not find where 
the authentication logic happens relative to Mina.

Should this be a part of my protocol handler or have others separated this 
into a filter?

In the Servlet model, you get the user from the HttpServletRequest with 
getUserPrincipal().  I think this might just be a wrapper for an underlying 
request attribute.

In Mina, should Principal be stored as an attribute on the low level 
IoSession or is their a better place?

Thanks for any help,

Ryan Rhodes

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