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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: ProtocolCodec question
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 14:57:54 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

2005/5/9, Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>:
> Hi Trustin,
> real good job you did with MINA !

Thanks! :)

> I have a question about the ProtocolCodec stuff :
> - is it possible to have an encoder that can push chunks of PDU instead
> of pushing a whole PDU ?

You can push chunks of PDU by calling write(ByteBuffer) multiple
times.  But MINA will flush the list of buffers you pushed in after
encode() method returns.  So You'll be able to limit the maximum size
of ByteBuffer you allocate if you're using autoExpand mode, but MINA
doesn't flush them until encode() method returns.   (WDYT about
autoExpand mode btw? ;)


> It may drive us to an architecture where MINA run on a dedicated JVM,
> and LDAP server running on another JVM, maybe on another server,
> communicates with MINA using sockets, for instance. (just an idea)

Sounds interesting.  Any benefits here?

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