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From Sander Aiaots <>
Subject Re: [mina] ByteBuffer and MessageDecoder/MessageEncoders
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 08:11:21 GMT
Hi Trustin!

> > It seems that, this 0.7.2-SNAPSHOT works much better :) Even
> > messageRecived event was fired. 
> > But I already have another question, if I call sess.close(); from
> > messageRecved() then no sessionClosed event is fired, neither client
> > or server side?
> Really? Could you give me some test code that reproduces this problem?

Well, acutally it seems to be my own problem, I hoped sessionClosed
event from MessageHandler, but it it was invoked in
DemuxingProtocolHandler, but it would sound reasonable if
sessionClosed is also invoked from MessageHandler what is registred
with registerMessageType.

Best regards,

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