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From Dan Armbrust <>
Subject Scaleability?
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 15:41:49 GMT
We currently use OpenLDAP for storing large hierarchical databases of 
medical terminologies as part of our LexGrid project 
( but would welcome an alternative 
to OpenLDAP for numerous reasons that I won't go into.

I have just started exploring your directory project, and I am trying to 
get an idea of what its current capabilities and limitations are. 

I realize that I could probably answer most of these myself by just 
trying it... but I'll take the easier route (for me) first and just ask :)

Does the ldap server support custom schemas?
Can you load data into the server that doesn't conform to the base schema?
What is the saleability like with the current backend?  Is it capable of 
working with 10,000 entries, 100,000 entries, millions?
Is the full ldap search syntax supported?
Including wildcard searches? 
Can it be loaded from an LDIF file?
Is there an FAQ page for your project on the website or the WIKI where I 
should be asking these questions?



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