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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: ACLs questions
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 23:56:15 GMT
Tony Blanchard wrote:

> Hello Alex,
> First, hope your health is better.

Thanks I'm definately back online :).

> I have written a new page in the Wiki as you asked me for.

Great this is a start to sharing our ideas on ACLs.  I think if we do 
this we need to think about how we can represent the ACL within 
partition subentries and then build out the Authz interceptor service to 
use these ACLs.

> Please tell me your opinion about this as the other users of this list 
> are encouraged to do. (My english is not very good too so feel free to 
> tell me about grammar or expression mistakes.)

You're English is just fine ;).

> I would like to implement this test case but I have a real problem 
> with them. I am using maven for netbeans (mevenide) and some of the 
> tests fails and I have to skeep them to build. My question is how to 
> pass argument to run  test. It seems that the problem resides in the 
> path to the backend database directory (operation "doDelete" fails all 
> the time)

Hmmmm interesting might be some locking issues ... are you on Windows?  
Your ide may be holding locks to the folder or something.  Can you get 
me the stack trace for the doDelete() failure?  All this function does 
is it deletes the working directory of the last test case if it exists 
before running a new test case.  This way there is no cross reactivity 
between test cases.

Let's keep at this problem ... I really want you to get past it.  If 
need be let me know what your setup (Arch, OS, JVM, and Netbeans 
version) is and I can try to replicate.


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