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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: TLS + SASL external and ACLs.
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 12:55:07 GMT
Tony Blanchard wrote:

Hi Tony and welcome,

> I am actually interested in using apacheDS with the features of TLS 
> +SASL External and maybe ACLs.
> As I looked to Jira, I did not find any issues on this in mina or direve.
> Could someone tell me if there is someone working on it or planning to 
> do so ?

At this point we're trying to add as many features as we can and as fast 
as we can.  However it is nice to have some more help and support.  From 
the sound of it Vinod might have the SASL groked sooner rather than 
later and TLS is done.  These guys are doing an excellent job on working 
the network layer code. 

The ACLs have not yet been implemented actually.  If I get a chance my 
next primary goal is just that.  However other things need to be 
implemented first like subentries which hold ACL information as well as 
other authoritative info.  To do subentries we need to be able to define 
other schema constructs like subtree specifications and their fast 
interpretation.  We're talking a little while out.

> If someone is working on it, where could I find some documents on the 
> design for those futur functionnalities ?

There is no design just yet for implementing ACLs.  I don't know if 
others have thought about this.  I have a few thoughts in my head but 
that's about it.  I should get it into wiki soon so people like yourself 
can ask questions and perhaps shed more light.

> If there is nobody working on it, maybe would I participate to it but 
> I can not figure how as I am new to open source...
> Should I create some issues in Jira and affect them to me ? How to 
> debate on some design strategy or some integration needs with all the 
> developpers ?

Even if there is no Jira on ACLs its a big concern as you may imagine.  
You can file a Jira no problem just do your best to make sure what ever 
Jira you create is not a duplicate but dups happen somethimes so don't 
worry.  In terms of debate just feel free to post your view point or 
your idea to this list.  We have a user list for user type question but 
feel free to keep those on this list too.   I don't think our traffic 
dev has hit the rate where it is a serious concern at the moment.


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