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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Restructuring Partition API
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 03:09:41 GMT
Endi Sukma Dewata wrote:

> Hi,
> I’m proposing some changes to the Partition API. The changes include:
Hi Endi.

>     * Moving partition-related classes to
>       org.apache.ldap.server.partition. This is to provide a cleaner
>       Partition API, separate from other classes.

>     * Renaming interface ContextPartition to Partition. This is just
>       to avoid confusion with the new class called PartitionContext.
>       See next item.
>     * Creating new interfaces PartitionConfig and PartitionContext.
>       This is similar to ServletConfig and ServletContext. The
>       PartitionConfig holds the configuration information for each
>       partition. The PartitionContext provides information about the
>       context in which the partition is running (i.e. the server).
Why may I ask is the PartitionContext needed? What kind of info besides 
the dn of the context for the partition is needed?

>     * Creating new class GenericPartitionConfig and
>       GenericPartitionContext. These classes provide the default
>       implementation of PartitionConfig and PartitionContext. These
>       classes are only used internally, they won’t be exposed in the API.
Ok yah makes sense once its clear for why we want a PartitionContext.

>     * Creating a new class AbstractPartition that implements
>       Partition. This becomes the base class for all partitions.
Hmm what goes into AbstractPartition - what can we stuff in there now 
that you move JDBM stuff down an extra notch in inheritance hierarchy?

>     * Renaming AbstractContextPartition to AbstractDbPartition and
>       make it extends the AbstractPartition. This becomes the base
>       class for all partitions using the JDBM database (e.g.
>       ApplicationPartition and SystemPartition).
How about calling it AbstractJdbmPartition?

> Note that these changes won’t be backward compatible, so those who 
> have implemented custom partition would need to fix their code a 
> little bit. But things should become simpler now, you don’t have to 
> implement an interface anymore, you can just extend from the base class.
Any thoughts from others regarding these changes?

> Any suggestions? Comments? Please let me know if this is ok. I will 
> submit a patch that includes these changes and also the documentations 
> (xdocs). Thanks a lot.

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