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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [kerberos] Adding kerberos to main
Date Sun, 01 May 2005 14:31:08 GMT

The KerberosProtocolProvider constructor takes a KdcConfiguration and a 
PrincipalStore argument.  I was adding support for the Kerberos service 
to the executable.  This is to get he 0.9 release out with Kerberos.  I 
was wondering what implementation of PrincipalStore you were using.  I 
basically got stuck when I was instantiating KerberosProtocolProvider. 

BTW while going through the code I noticed a few things and had some 
concerns regarding our upcoming release.

There is barely any documentation in most of the Kerberos code.  
Primarily referring to javadocs and a user guide.  If we are releasing 
Kerberos we need some documentation.  In general (this goes for me too) 
this project has to do a better job at getting Javadocs done.   
Furthermoe we need some sort of user guide similar to the one for the 
ldap portion of apacheds.  Here's what I'm referring to exactly:

I was asking myself how our users will be able to figure out a means to 
configure the kerberos server.   There really is no guide at this point 
and we're about to announce that we have a Kerberos server for them 
inside ApacheDS.  At a bare minimum before we release we need to 
describe all the different environment options.  WDYT?


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