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From Emmanuel LECHARNY <>
Subject Re: ASN.1 tools (snicker?) question...
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 09:32:04 GMT
> De : "Jesper Söderlund" <>
> Objet : ASN.1 tools (snicker?) question...
> Does this project intend to releae the ASN.1 runtime libraries and tools as a separate
deliverable or only as a part of the Apache Directory server release.

Hi Jesper,

This is something that is already a reality, as ASN.1 is a subproject of
the ApacheDS project.

Now, the bad news. Don't expect a quick deliverable of a full ASN.1
compiler and codec. This is really a 'work in progress', and the
progress is slow... 

But all the good willing souls are welcome to help accelerate this
'progress' ! Actually, there is a working LDAP ASN.1 codec, and a SPNEGO
codec is almost done. The LDAP ASN.1 codec is being rewritten at the
moment. It is possible to write by hand new codecs for other grammars,
but this is not a very funny piece of work...

Which kind of ASN.1 grammar are you working on? 

> The reason for asking is that I have use for a general ASN.1 compiler + libs but not
for a full blown ASN.1 directory server in my current project.

If it's a professional project, you have many ASN.1 compiler on the market. Ok, there are
really expensive...

You should also consider the encoding you will need : BER, CER, DER or PER. The three first
are not really complicated to write, PER is really a different baby. A one million dollars

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