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From Marc Boorshtein <>
Subject Some notes on custom partitions....
Date Thu, 19 May 2005 14:00:55 GMT
Hey All,

I just finished writing my first custom partition, and
it seems to be working pretty well.  I have some
general thoughts though.  

It seems as though the a lot of assumptions are being
made about partitions being attached to a local
storage system (ie jdbm).  This is evident in that:
1. lookup and hasEntry are context level methods 
2. and get called on an add (and maby a modify?)
3. createTimestamp and creator are added to the entry
being added to the partition by the server
4. when the partition gets started it tries to add the
root entry
5. There's no compare operation

While these issues turned out to be nothing more then
a bit anoying in my development, they will become
issues if apacheds desides to take the next step and
become a virtual directory.  

otherwise it only took me a few hours to get
everything working, so kudos!


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