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From "Endi Sukma Dewata" <>
Subject Restructuring Partition API
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 23:52:07 GMT


I'm proposing some changes to the Partition API. The changes include:


*	Moving partition-related classes to
org.apache.ldap.server.partition. This is to provide a cleaner Partition
API, separate from other classes.


*	Renaming interface ContextPartition to Partition. This is just to
avoid confusion with the new class called PartitionContext. See next item.


*	Creating new interfaces PartitionConfig and PartitionContext. This
is similar to ServletConfig and ServletContext. The PartitionConfig holds
the configuration information for each partition. The PartitionContext
provides information about the context in which the partition is running
(i.e. the server).


*	Creating new class GenericPartitionConfig and
GenericPartitionContext. These classes provide the default implementation of
PartitionConfig and PartitionContext. These classes are only used
internally, they won't be exposed in the API.


*	Creating a new class AbstractPartition that implements Partition.
This becomes the base class for all partitions.


*	Renaming AbstractContextPartition to AbstractDbPartition and make it
extends the AbstractPartition. This becomes the base class for all
partitions using the JDBM database (e.g. ApplicationPartition and


Note that these changes won't be backward compatible, so those who have
implemented custom partition would need to fix their code a little bit. But
things should become simpler now, you don't have to implement an interface
anymore, you can just extend from the base class.


Any suggestions? Comments? Please let me know if this is ok. I will submit a
patch that includes these changes and also the documentations (xdocs).
Thanks a lot.



Endi S. Dewata


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