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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: ProtocolCodec question
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 00:05:02 GMT

assuming that you are the 'vrm' who asked 'know a good start point for
learn ASN1 ?' on IRC, here are some pointers :

A short introduction :

If you want to know everything about ASN.1 :

There is also a book you should read if you think that reading X.680,
X.681, X.683 and X.690 is a kind of punishment :
"ASN.1 : Communication entre Systèmes hétérogènes" de Olivier Dubuisson
ISBN 2-287-59670-4

(this is the french book, you could also download the translated version
at Olivier Dubuisson is working
for FT R&D at Lannion, France)

The book is really good. 

You have a subproject called ASN.1 where you have many interesting
information (from which I have extracted some of the upper links) :

You could also read the wiki pages, even if they are not very good or
complete :

The SPNEGO stuff could help you to understand how it works, as it is
really close to the way it is coded in Sandbox, even if not perfect.

If you need more specific informations, mail to the dev list (IRC is
cool, but we are not always connected or able to reply... (damn
firewall :)) !

Emmanuel Lécharny

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