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From Jim Yang <>
Subject Trying out Eclipse; SVN plugin dependencies
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 07:09:37 GMT
Taken from this page: 

Trying out Eclipse; SVN plugin dependencies
Seems like the Apache Directory developers are using Eclipse as their  
development environment. After browsing around their Wiki a little  
bit I decided to compile the current SVN content and check it out  
They have some instructions in their Wiki for Eclipse users. So I  
wanted to give Eclipse a try as well. I am currently using Netbeans  
and had always avoided switching to another IDE. It distracts too much.
So... I went ahead following the instructions. Apache Directory  
compiled ok. Then I downloaded the Mac OS X version of Eclipse, did  
all the updates the instructions told me and... We've got a Problem!
The SVN plugin cannot open its property page due to class loading  
problem with some UI class. Looking at shell level at the plugin  
configuration yield nothing. Too much new stuff. But the instructions  
show a screen shot of the SVN preferences page. There are two SVN  
interfaces: Javahl (JNI) and SVN command line. Maybe there is some  
connection I asked myself.
Then I installed the Java Subversion Client Library and suddenly the  
SVN plugin preferences page can be opened. There is a hidden dependency.

Should we add the above info to 
IdeHome  ?


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