Hi all,
I wanna build a synchronized client application, i.e., client send a request to server -> server send back its response
-> client get it! -> ...
I based my work on the reverser example, but my ACCEPTOR receive nothing:(, but the server really send its response
back, which I can see with a network monitor app.
Please help by pointing out my misunderstanding and misusage of MINA!
This is my Main code, others is the same with reverser example.
public class Main
    private static final int PORT = 7910;
    private static final int LOCAL_PORT = 8888;
    private static final String HOST = "";
    public static void main( String[] args ) throws Exception
        // Create I/O and Protocol thread pool filter.
        // I/O thread pool performs encoding and decoding of messages.
        // Protocol thread pool performs actual protocol flow.
        IoThreadPoolFilter ioThreadPoolFilter = new IoThreadPoolFilter();
        ProtocolThreadPoolFilter protocolThreadPoolFilter = new ProtocolThreadPoolFilter();
        // and start both.
        InetSocketAddress localAddress = new InetSocketAddress(LOCAL_PORT);
        InetSocketAddress remoteAddress = new InetSocketAddress(HOST,PORT);
        ReverseProtocolProvider provider = new ReverseProtocolProvider();
        // Create a TCP/IP acceptor.
        IoProtocolAcceptor acceptor = new IoProtocolAcceptor(
                new SocketAcceptor() );
        // Add both thread pool filters.
                "threadPool", ioThreadPoolFilter );
                "threadPool", protocolThreadPoolFilter );
        // Bind
        acceptor.bind( localAddress,provider );
        System.out.println( "Listening on port " + LOCAL_PORT );
        IoProtocolConnector connector = new IoProtocolConnector(new SocketConnector());
        ProtocolSession session = connector.connect(remoteAddress,localAddress,provider);