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From Chris Betts <>
Subject Re: Command line java clients
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 00:17:38 GMT
Hi Alex,

    yes, I think I must have been - presumably you were the chap who 
contacted me about an 'all java directory' they were working on - as 
you say, it was a while ago :-)!

    At the time I was drowning in web services work, and wasn't able to 
do anything useful; however now that I'm leaving my old job I'm able to 
devote more time to open source, so I've been brushing up JXplorer and 
getting the build etc. sorted out.  I put out a stable version 3.1 last 
week, and a smaller, neater 3.2 beta a couple of days ago with 
rewritten DSML handling.

    I'd be delighted (and I'm pretty sure the original sponsor, Computer 
Associates, would also be delighted) to make JXplorer a sub-project of 
Apache directory.  I'm not sure how we would go about this from a 
practical point of view - I maintain the '' web site 
with some (fairly out of date) documents, and links to a bunch of 
easy-to-use 'Install Anywhere' packages for most major platforms.  All 
the actual source files / javadoc / install packages are actually 
maintained on sourceforge (

    Licensing should be easy though; the current JXplorer licence is the 
old Apache licence with the word 'Apache' crossed out and 'Computer 
Associates' scribbled in instead.  I think changing it back would be 
pretty straightforward :-).

    Anyway, something to think about...

    - Chris

P.S. I've tested JXplorer against the 'default' version of apacheDS and 
it seems to work fine; however I hit problems loading a jpeg photo into 
the default user, presumably because we're still figuring out schema 
for non-string data?

On 25/04/2005, at 12:41 AM, Alex Karasulu wrote:

> Chris,
> Chris Betts wrote:
>> (warning: advertisement )
>> Have you looked at the JXplorer client?  Open source, java, 
>> extensible, mature yada yada :-).
>> /
>>    - Chris
> Is this the Chris that I spoke to about jxplorer a while?  If remember 
> correctly you work on it right?  Sorry for forgetting - it's been a 
> while.
> Yah JXplorer is great I use it myself.  I was using that LDAPBrowser 
> thingy and switched a long time back.  The idea behind the clients is 
> not to replace JXPlorer but for command line stuff or to use it for 
> testing most of all.  This is what Jeff Machols was trying to get them 
> up to speed for doing.
>> P.S. It's a GUI app though, so if you need a command line app for 
>> scripting etc. you'll need to go elsewhere...
> Yep 100% reason for it.  However it would be nice to have something 
> like JXPlorer as a subproject of directory so we can package it with 
> the directory server.
>> On 23/04/2005, at 12:41 AM, Alex Karasulu wrote:
>>> Danilo,
> <snip/>

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