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From Chris Betts <>
Subject Re: I think I've misunderstood Partitions...
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 02:03:33 GMT

One little question though... how does the Nexus actually create the 
ContextPartition objects?  In Danilo's example earlier, he has a 
configurable name for his class, so that presumably he can have 
different ContextPartition objects with different names using the same 
Class - seems fair enough, and I want something similar.

But who creates these objects?  Presumably they must be created so the 
root nexus can interrogate them about their suffixes?  How do I create 
my ContextPartitions and feed them to ApacheDS?

Or am I missing something?

    thanks again for helping!

   - Chris

On 27/04/2005, at 11:47 AM, David Boreham wrote:

> Chris Betts wrote:
>> Aha!
>> So I extend ContextPartition and implement 'getSuffix()' to return, 
>> say, 'chris', and then set 'server.db.partitions=chris' and 
>> 'server.db.partitions.suffix.chris=o=chris', and I'm away?
> Yes. You may find some additional wrinkles, such as getting your 
> manufactured entries through
> Apache DS schema checking. You may need to add your own schema.

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