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From Chris Betts <>
Subject Newbie qn de jour: how do I make the jar?
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 06:58:36 GMT
Hi Folks,

     I'm back after a distraction (had a release to get out) and I'm 
still trying to build the server.  I think everything is working, but 
I'm just too unfamiliar with the tools to use them correctly :-).

    I've checked out the head using TortoiseSCN, and that all looks 
cool, and I've got maven running nicely.  However when I run "maven 
multiproject' (as per the README.TXT in apacheds/trunk) in the top 
directory, all it seems to do is create a target directory containing a 
bunch of docs, and sub directories [docs | generated-xdocs | javadoc | 
linkcheck].  All very extreme programming doing the docs before the 
code, but I think I'm missing something :-).

    I then tried 'maven multiproject:install' and that ran suspiciously 
fast (2secs) and claimed to be successful, but didn't seem to do 
anything new.

    I tried 'maven jar' based on something I saw on the maven web site 
that I didn't understand, and it claimed it couldn't find any java 
classes to compile.

    I then tried 'maven help', but that didn't work out so well...

    I suspect I'm doing something so basically bone-headed it hasn't 
occurred to anyone to put it in the docs :-).  I've got lovely 
sourcetrees brimming with java classes under svn_head [apacheds | asn1 
| authx | clients | naming | protocol-providers | sandbox | shared | 
sitedocs | trunks] so I think everything is good to go; maven has 
downloaded truck loads of jars for itself... I think I'm just missing 
the magic spell!  I've had a prowl through the docs and the readme and 
wiki, but can't see what I'm doing wrong.

    Any ideas?

      "confused in Melbourne*

    - Chris

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