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From Vinod Panicker <>
Subject Re: [mina] Summary of recent changes
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 04:57:12 GMT
Hi Trustin,

On 4/18/05, Trustin Lee <> wrote:
> Hi Vinod,
> 2005/4/16, Vinod Panicker <>:
> > Hey Trustin,
> >


> > Good news is that my team out here has successfully implemented an SSL
> > Connector in MINA.  So now we can use MINA as both an SSL server and
> > an SSL client.  Still have to review the code myself, before it can be
> > submitted.  I'll send it across in the second half of next week.
> That sounds really cool.  Janne implemented SSL filter for us, but we
> also need client side support, too.  We could get the best of breed
> SSL filter by merging all of them. :)

Basically the work is completed, but having some trouble integrating
the test cases.  Should be done by today.

> >
> > At the same time, we've been trying to find out where exactly the
> > bottlenecks lie in the Java NIO impl using the profiler.  One hot spot
> > is the accept() call, which is taking quite a bit of cpu time.  But
> > the profiler(s) arent behaving too sweetly, and its quite a pain to
> > find other hot spots.  If you remember, even with connected sessions,
> > with no activity, CPU was being consumed.
> Yes.  I want to investigate this issue soon.  Selector might be awaken
> even if no event is occurred while it manages too many connections.
> But I'm not sure.

The problem is that the profiler becomes useless out here because the
JVM makes JNI calls to implement this.  The profiler only works with
java code.  Any suggestions ppl?



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