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From Brennan Stehling <>
Subject Re: [status] Been MIA for a while
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 20:26:44 GMT
I hope you get better real fast.  I am sorry it got so bad.

On 4/20/05, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I read Enrique's email to the PMC list regarding my health situation.  I
> thought I'd openly let you all know that I'm doing fine here now at
> home.  I'm no longer in the hospital.
> Just to get the curiosity out of the way I was hospitalized for 16 days
> due to double pneumonia; meaning in both lungs.  It got really serious
> where I spent all my time minus 2 days in the ICU.  Let's just say most
> of the surface area of my lungs used for diffusing oxygen was under
> water and my entire pulminary system was about to fail due to wierd
> stuff with my body over reacting to the pathogen.  Luckily the doctors
> figured out a way to fix things with some wicked drugs.  So I barely
> avoided being on a full respirator.
> I made it home a couple days ago and have been resting most of the
> time.  I'm out of commission for about 3 months the doctors say.  I
> wonder what that really means but I will take things seriously since
> this whole experience scared the bejeezus out of me.  That's how bad
> things have been.  I've been resting in bed trying not to exert myself
> too much cuz it costs oxygen.  I should be beyond that in like a week or
> two.  One good thing to know is that typing on my laptop from bed does
> not cost much at all :).  So you'll still hear from me and I will be
> among you helping drive things.  I just will not be doing it like a
> madman up into the wee hours of the morning - at least for a few months ;).
> Thanks for all your support and kind words while I was missing in action.
> Alex

Brennan Stehling :

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