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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject [mina] Summary of recent changes
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 11:58:13 GMT

I improved MINA a little bit, and I hope you like it:

1) ByteBuffer pool can allocate heap byte buffers now.

I added ByteBuffer.allocate( int capacity, boolean direct ) to let
users choose direct or heap buffer.  ByteBuffer.allocate( int capacity
) tries to allocate direct buffer first, and then heap.

2) Added ByteBuffer.wrap()

You can wrap NIO ByteBuffers into MINA ByteBuffers without copying
them unnecessarilly.  SSLFilter and Asn1Encoder got help from this.

3) ByteBuffer pool can allocate smaller buffers now.

You can allocate ByteBuffers smaller than 16 bytes now.

4) Added ByteBuffer.fork()

You can easily clone or resize your ByteBuffer now.  For example:
ByteBuffer newBuffer = oldBuffer.fork( newCapacity );

5) Improved SocketSession memory usage.

SocketSessions doesn't hold receive buffers until connection is
closed.  It is automatically acquired and released only when there's
data to read so that idle sessions don't consume a lot of memory. 
Vinod, could you test again with new snapshot?  Or could you send me
the recent snapshot of your test code?

6) Resolved DIRMINA-16: You can create your own TransportType

We could create implementation for Serial/Parallel port or sequential
file I/O, too. Any volunteers?

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