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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: OT: Psuedo Async File IO
Date Sat, 09 Apr 2005 05:32:55 GMT
Hi Richard,

> I'm getting to a point with my smtp protocol provider that I need to
> start thinking about file IO.  Since there is no support for
> non-blocking IO in Java yet I need something that fakes it.  I was
> wondering if anyone had any experience with any existing components that
> do this.  If there aren't any really good ones that anyone can recommend
> I'll probably wind up writing something on my own.

How about Coconut AIO or stuff from IBM developerWorks?  or,, you
could implement your own one using Doug Lea's concurrent package

> I'm kind of thinking it should basically be a component that uses a
> single thread to monitor a queue for IO requests and then uses something
> like the IoHandler in MINA to let clients know when reads/writes have
> started/stopped/failed.

It would be nice if MINA can support file I/O, but I don't see any
easy way to do it retaining current API.  Of course we could read one
file sequentially as requests and write the other file sequentially as
responses.  WDYT?

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