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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Command line java clients
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 13:48:05 GMT
Chris Betts wrote:

> Hi Alex,
>    yes, I think I must have been - presumably you were the chap who 
> contacted me about an 'all java directory' they were working on - as 
> you say, it was a while ago :-)!

I figured that but forgot.  Good to hear form you again.

>    At the time I was drowning in web services work, and wasn't able to 
> do anything useful; however now that I'm leaving my old job I'm able 
> to devote more time to open source, so I've been brushing up JXplorer 
> and getting the build etc. sorted out.  I put out a stable version 3.1 
> last week, and a smaller, neater 3.2 beta a couple of days ago with 
> rewritten DSML handling.

That's great.  I'm glad to see JXPlorer progressing again.

>    I'd be delighted (and I'm pretty sure the original sponsor, 
> Computer Associates, would also be delighted) to make JXplorer a 
> sub-project of Apache directory.  I'm not sure how we would go about 
> this from a practical point of view - I maintain the 
> '' web site with some (fairly out of date) 
> documents, and links to a bunch of easy-to-use 'Install Anywhere' 
> packages for most major platforms.  All the actual source files / 
> javadoc / install packages are actually maintained on sourceforge 
> (

As I said before it would be nice to package JXPlorer together within 
the ApacheDS distribution.  I'm interested in persuing this ... Re: "how 
we can do this" there's only one way at the moment; we need to 
incubate.  I think we can get through incubation rather rapidly since 
the UI would integrate nicely with our community, product and is a tight 
focused project.  We would need to vet any IP issues as well as get the 
contributor form filled out by CA.  As a subproject the requirements for 
graduation will not be as tight as they are for top level projects.  
However, besides IP issues, incubation tries to make sure the project 
will continue to live on with a diverse committer base.  I think 3 
committers (not from same employer) is the magic number and is 
acceptable for a subproject like JXPlorer.  With our (interested) 
community base I'm sure we can hit this magic number rapidly.

>    Licensing should be easy though; the current JXplorer licence is 
> the old Apache licence with the word 'Apache' crossed out and 
> 'Computer Associates' scribbled in instead.  I think changing it back 
> would be pretty straightforward :-).

That's great!

>    Anyway, something to think about...

Personally I'm interested and would not mind mentoring it through 

> P.S. I've tested JXplorer against the 'default' version of apacheDS 
> and it seems to work fine; however I hit problems loading a jpeg photo 
> into the default user, presumably because we're still figuring out 
> schema for non-string data?

Yah maybe some issues with schema exactly.  I'd have to look further 
into it.

> On 25/04/2005, at 12:41 AM, Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> Chris,
>> Chris Betts wrote:
>>> (warning: advertisement )
>>> Have you looked at the JXplorer client?  Open source, java, 
>>> extensible, mature yada yada :-).
>>> /
>>>    - Chris
>> Is this the Chris that I spoke to about jxplorer a while?  If 
>> remember correctly you work on it right?  Sorry for forgetting - it's 
>> been a while.
>> Yah JXplorer is great I use it myself.  I was using that LDAPBrowser 
>> thingy and switched a long time back.  The idea behind the clients is 
>> not to replace JXPlorer but for command line stuff or to use it for 
>> testing most of all.  This is what Jeff Machols was trying to get 
>> them up to speed for doing.
>>> P.S. It's a GUI app though, so if you need a command line app for 
>>> scripting etc. you'll need to go elsewhere...
>> Yep 100% reason for it.  However it would be nice to have something 
>> like JXPlorer as a subproject of directory so we can package it with 
>> the directory server.
>>> On 23/04/2005, at 12:41 AM, Alex Karasulu wrote:
>>>> Danilo,
>> <snip/>

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