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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [naming][site] Combined and "legacy" api docs
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 02:42:18 GMT
To get the combined javadocs to be generated using the site goal, I 
needed to add back the section of maven.xml that was moved to the dist 
plugin.  If there are no objections, or no one points out a better way 
to get this stuff generated, I will commit this change to maven.xml.

The site was updated earlier this evening and the navigation got hosed, 
so I regenerated and have now pushed a working version to the staging 
area (though it is now missing the 0.8 api docs).  I wanted to wait to 
publish to the live site, however, until I found a good way to maintain 
the 0.8 API docs.  I could easily modify the nav, generate these again 
and push them out, but I am wondering if there is a good automated way 
to do this as part of the site generation. Any ideas how to do this 
using maven without having to manually push files around?


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