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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [sitedocs] who's ready
Date Sat, 23 Apr 2005 23:59:25 GMT

I can try to publish the docs if people have setup their xdocs let's get 
a checklist of projects that have completed xdocs for next round of 

X - done
x - partially done
blank - not done

[X] ApacheDS
[  ] MINA
[  ] Authx
[  ] Naming
[  ] Kerberos
[  ] Change Password
[  ] Dns
[  ] Ntp
[  ] Dhcp
[ x ] Ldap
[ x ] ASN.1
[ X ] Main Sitedocs
[  ] Clients
[  ] ... am I missing anything ???

For some of the projects that are in the works we only need an simple 
single xdoc page like Dns for example.  I think its time to setup the 
menu so we show a list of protocols or protocol providers somewhere that 
can be expanded.  Enrique you organized the protocol-providers with the 
new restructure.  Enrique any thoughts on how we want the menus to look 
now to reflect this new structure.  You think you could whip up some 
xdocs and make the necessary menu changes?  Again I can publish it when 
you are ready.

I want to get the site up and together early this Tuesday so we can 
start making some tar balls for the 0.9 release of ApacheDS and various 
other component releases like MINA, Kerberos, Ldap etc.

BTW I could not find a plain old Apache png to fit with our existing 
Directory png so I nixed the <organization/> section in the pom to only 
have the directory logo up.  I think for now this is ok.  However we 
might want to have a link to the apache main site somewhere on the main 
menu.  I had it on the navbar way back but it seems to have been 
removed.  Take a look at the main directory site where I published it 


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