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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Command line java clients
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 14:41:39 GMT

Inside the client directory try to issue a 'maven jar'.   See if that 
helps.  Also we're looking for people interested in maintaining the java 

Alex wrote:

>  I am starting to look on Apache Directory now. I have a version from SNV
>running with success. I can browse the LDAP tree using a tool like Softerra
>LDAP Browser.
>  But now I want to be able to add, modify users. As I am a java developer I
>want to do it with java tools, not OpenLDAP tools.
>  So this page talk about what I need
>( I can find the
>sources of this on the clients/ldap/trunk dir of the current snv version.
>  But I can not make it compile right.
>  If I execute a maven multiproject:install inside the clients/ldap/trunk
>directory the process looks fine and a
>clients/target/directory-clients-parent-.jar file is created but without
>classes inside it.
>  Maybe this is just my mistake in the use o maven.
>  This is the rigth way of build the command line java clients ? A pointer to a
>page explaining this is fine too.

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