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From Richard Wallace <>
Subject OT: Psuedo Async File IO
Date Sat, 09 Apr 2005 04:01:18 GMT
Hey everyone,

I'm getting to a point with my smtp protocol provider that I need to 
start thinking about file IO.  Since there is no support for 
non-blocking IO in Java yet I need something that fakes it.  I was 
wondering if anyone had any experience with any existing components that 
do this.  If there aren't any really good ones that anyone can recommend 
I'll probably wind up writing something on my own.

I'm kind of thinking it should basically be a component that uses a 
single thread to monitor a queue for IO requests and then uses something 
like the IoHandler in MINA to let clients know when reads/writes have 

Any input on existing components or what would be necessary to maybe 
repurpose parts of MINA for this task would be great.


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