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From Richard Wallace <>
Subject [mina] session.write() in sessionOpened()
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 19:39:01 GMT
Hey guys,

I'm finally getting a chance to dig back into some of what I was working 
on in early January with my little mail server.  I'm going through the 
process of converting what I had over to MINA and it's looking pretty 
cool.  I am having one problem tho.

When a mail client connects the first thing I need to do is send a 
message basically saying, "Hello I'm here".  I figured the place to do 
this would be in the ProtocolHandler.sessionOpened() implementation with 
a simple session.write ("220 ESMTP Dropbox");  But when I 
run it and connect via telnet it doesn't seem as tho the message is sent 
to the client.  Is this the proper place to do this or is there 
somewhere more appropriate to send an initial connection message?  Can I 
send just a String or should I be putting it into a ByteBuffer first?


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