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From Marc Boorshtein <>
Subject Re: GUI technologies
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 14:36:10 GMT
Oh, it's def a problem :-).  With the SQL Directory
Browser I got around it by offering webstart.  It's
really not a HUGE deal....i've seen ASF projects that
use commercial installers (though i don't know if it's
owned by ASF or not) and it's not really that hard to
get working (at OS I used to an ant build script to do
everything, and even now I use a vbs file on windows
to launch it).  I think it's more a question of native
l&f vs "branded" l&f (which i know is a holy war in
it's own rights :-) ).

The thing i would be more curious about is a
background loading thread.  it's pretty tough inside
of eclipse and i know SWT has some special rules
around multi-threading the interface...


--- "Noel J. Bergman" <> wrote:
> > >      Re Swing/SWT - I'm not very thrilled with
> > >         Swing, and if I had my time again I'd
> > >         probably write it in SWT, but I don't
> > >         know too much about it :-).
> > Would this possibly be a good oppourtunity? :-)
> The drawbacks of SWT to normal users are pretty
> significant.  They need to
> download a specific package built for their
> platform, there needs to be an
> SWT port for that platform, etc.  See
> for a
> lots of commentary on
> both sides of the SWT vs WORA debate.
> Also, have you seen
>  All sorts
> of
> good things there, both documentation and code,
> e.g.,
> Just food for discussion.
> 	--- Noel
> 	--- Noel

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