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From Chris Betts <>
Subject I think I've misunderstood Partitions...
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 00:53:34 GMT
Hi Folks,

    it looks like I've made a blunder; I had thought partitions were 
'pluggable' back end data stores.  However it seems that in fact 
they're just named areas of the default database implementation.

    This is a bit of a pain, as what I want to do is hive off part of 
the namespace and handle it myself using my own code.  I *could* just 
write a jndi provider and use the SEDA front end, but then I'd have to 
do the namespace partitioning myself, and I'd prefer the Root Nexus to 
do that.  So what's the best way forward?  Should I use the Interceptor 

    ... I'm still getting my head around all this :-)

    - Chris

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