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Subject Re: Subversion repository
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 20:06:28 GMT

  I think I know what the error is. Because I have this problems before today.
  The problem is, I think, Directory is out of incubator.
  So in the same way you must use the address
to subscribe (and not to the list
you must use :

svn co

and not :

svn co

to acess subversion.



> Is there a particular version of subversion that's required to access the
> repository?
> I tried the url posted on the main site with 1.0.8 and it returned an error
> that the folder didn't exist. I searched the list and founda vague reference
> to upgrading, so I tried 1.1.4 and got the same error. I tried https and
> http, neither worked.
> Sorry, I can't post the exact error right now, since I uninstalled both
> versions.
> For reference, this is on a SuSE 9.2 box.
> Thanks
> P.S. If anyone knows why messages to
> bounce, I'd like to know. My
> only access to the list now is to e-mail it and check the archives for a
> response.

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