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Subject DB as backend ?
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 18:16:47 GMT

  I was reading a thread about Apache Directory at TheServerSide :

  On some messages Alex Karasulu talks about use a database as a backend and
virtual directory on ApacheDS :

  "We hope to have virtual directory capabilities soon. It's just not that hard 
to do once you got the baseline protocols grok'd. Expect to see these
capabilties emerging within a matter of weeks, perhaps as early as 0.9 or 0.10
are released."
  "Richard you can definately do this (use db as a backend) using a custom
partition implementation. Yes you can plug it in. Actually in a few (maybe
couple weeks) we'll release 0.9 which will make it much easier to do so. 
  Eventually though we should be able to introduce some virtual directory
capabilities. Once this is in place you won't have to devise a new custom
backend. Rather you would use mapping tools to map an RDBM schema to a DIT
subtree. The VD engine of the server would do the rest."

  As this message is from March 03, 2005 and it talks about a couple of weeks I
want to ask :

  - any tips on create a custom partition implementation ? What class should I
extend (or interfaces implement) ?
  - any way (on the current sources) to "use mapping tools to map an RDBM schema
to a DIT subtree" ? 
  - are there any virtual directory features on the current (subversion) or
planed to the next release (0.9) ?


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