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From Vinod Panicker <>
Subject Re: Update on MINA test
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 12:11:36 GMT
OK.. tried with the following setup now - 


- non-MINA based NIO server
- non-MINA based NIO client
- 40 connections/sec
- 50K connections targeted
- rest same as before


- 50K connections
- CPU usage behaviour *exactly* same as MINA - 100% CPU after around
5K connections
- NIO based client very nice on CPU - 2-4%
- CPU usage @ 50K concurrent connections consistent at 18%
- JVM mem usage - 342M
- JVM vm size - 1.2G
- JVM File handles used - 150,666


- MINA doesn't seem to add any overheads on the server side
- NIO seems to have some probs with select().  Note that the client,
which is also having the same number of concurrent connections and is
NIO based, uses hardly any cpu during the test, and practically none
at the end.  Since the client is not using select(), it seems that
most CPU time is getting chewed up in there somewhere.  Also, the
previous observations on Linux showed that most of the CPU time was
being used by the system during the test run (forgot to see it after a
successful test).


- Run test with blocking I/O server (client irrelevant since no probs out there)
- Run NIO server with profiler
- Run NIO test on server to find out system/user cpu usage

Any one know how to find out how much system/user cpu an app is taking
on windows?


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