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From Vinod Panicker <>
Subject Re: [mina] Performance issues
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 13:37:05 GMT
OK... reaching around 85K connections on the server, but there is too
much of CPU usage and disk thrashing due to memory constraints due to
which connections start getting dropped.

Trying this with the existing MINA functionality - idle connections
being processed.

Have reduced the read buffer size to 8 bytes (for less mem usage,
impractical in the real-world)

CPU usage 100% constantly on the server, with 87% in kernel and 13% in
user space.

Mem usage over 1 GB (machine only has 512, so becomes unresponsive at
times because of paging)

The client is currently a blocking IO one (non-mina).  Seems like
there is some issue still in the Connector due to which the connection
establishment starts getting bogged down as it progresses (non-linear
performance), and with 100% CPU usage.  With this client, the CPU
usage stays at around 7-10% (2 Ghz machine).

We've got an extended weekend here, so will be back at this on Monday.
 Will surely hit C100K then :)


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