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From Vinod Panicker <>
Subject Re: [mina] Performance issues
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 07:46:28 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

You had forgotten to send to the list, so sending it now.

Regarding the performance tests, what I was planning was a couple of
java apps (client and server) that would allow me to saturate
resources such as CPU, Memory, Network etc.

Its just in its infancy, and would be building it up over time.  Would
be honored to contribute code to the project.


On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 08:31:34 +0100, Emmanuel Lecharny
<> wrote:
> > Its not a massive test.  The Linux machine i'm using has got 512 MB
> > RAM.  The Windows box has 1 GB.  You should be able to run both client
> > and server on the same machine without any issues, on a machine with
> > even 256 MB RAM IMO.
> >
> > Do you want me to send you the source files so you can test it out?
> Hi !
> Just peeking the mails, (I do no have any answer), I think that we can
> have a sub-project dedicated to performance tests.
> Your code could be a part of it, may be the first massive test, if you
> don't mind to give it to the community (if you don't or can't, no pb,
> but the sub-project proposition remains ;-).
> What do you think (Vinod and Directory guys?)
> -- Emmanuel L├ęcharny
> --
> Emmanuel Lecharny <>
> iktek

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