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From Vinod Panicker <>
Subject [mina] Performance issues
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 05:18:52 GMT

I was just trying to do some tests using mina.  I've got a server and
a client, both of which are using mina and the thread pool filter.

The server and the client have been run on multiple OS's - both
Windows (2000 & 2003) and Linux (Fedora Core 3).

Max fd limits have been upped.

The server uses the IoProtocolAcceptor class.  The client uses the
SocketConnector class.

The client application is basically just connecting to the server and
maintaining a concurrent connection.

When the client app is run, and told to establish 2000 connections to
the server for eg, the connection rate suddenly (no pattern observed)
drops to about 1 connection per second.  This has been tried on all
the OS's mentioned above.  The server is apparently not the cause of
this issue because when a different instance of the client is started
(on the same machine, even) the connection rate remains normal.  This
behaviour is not consistent, though it happens on every other run of
the client.

There are no sleep()'s in the client / server code.

Any pointers on what is happening?

Also, is there a way using which the server connection accept backlog
(i forget the exact term) can be set?


PS: This same test has been carried out using our own code (non-mina)
and works perfectly on all the above OS's (over 20k connections on the

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