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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject [mina] Filter interface has been revamped.
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 17:32:28 GMT

Recently I've revamped ApacheDS interceptor interface and I realized
the changes I've made into ApacheDS is also applicable to MINA.  So I
applied it.  I'm so tired that I couldn't fill in JavaDocs
immediately, but I'll as soon as possible.

The change will prevent your MINA application from compile.  So I give
you list of changes here:

* Removed all filter chain manipulation methods from acceptors and connectors.
-> You'll have to get a root filter chain by calling getFilterChain().

* Added newFilterChain(...) and getFilterChain() method to all
acceptors and connectors.
* Added IoHandlerFilterChain and ProtocolHandlerFilterChain
-> Filter chains are also filters, and therefore you can nest your
filter chains.  This feature is not going to be popular because the
size of the filter chain is not that big in case of MINA applications.
 To nest filter chains, 1) get a new filter chain by calling
newFilterChain(...), and 2) add the new filter to root filter chain.

* Updated ServiceRegistry and SimpleServiceRegistry following all of
the above changes

Sorry for your inconvenience, but I believe new interface will give
you more control over filter composition.  Feedbacks are welcome!

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