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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [apacheds] rearranging and cleaning up package structure
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 18:17:44 GMT
After some of the changes to the interceptor framework and contribs from 
others like Endi we needed to clean out some things in the apacheds 
package structure.  Here's a list of the changes in the last few commits 
that were made.

o.a.l.s.jndi.invocation.interceptor moved to o.a.l.s.interceptor
o.a.l.s.jndi.invocation moved to o.a.l.s.invocation
o.a.l.s.auth moved to o.a.l.s.authn
o.a.l.s.jndi.ibs removed -> contents (tests) moved to respective packages
o.a.l.s.exception created -> for exception service which was moved there 
with tests
o.a.l.s.operational created -> for operational attribute management 
service which was moved there with tests
o.a.l.s.autz created -> for authorization service which was moved there 
with tests

Moved around some interceptor based services to their approapriate 
packages such as the Authentication service and the SchemaService.  
These were also renamed back to their original names after some earlier 
name changes.

Please excuse the inconvenience of having to change code dependent on 
these packages.  This was done to set us on the right track now in the 
0.9 branch before the release.  The package structure should not need 
further alterations minus some new additions down the line.


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