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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [release] Call for help to release apacheds 0.9 and mina 0.7
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 21:37:34 GMT

We need a hand or two to push 0.9 out of the door before months end.  I 
was hoping to get this done today but there's just too much.  Also 
before we actually release I want to make sure our sitedocs are fully up 
to date and they don't have broken links etc.

Could we have some volunteers for helping with the site.  Basically for 
0.9 I'm looking for someone to take the lead in pushing all the project 
leads to make sure their docs are intact and have no broken links.  We 
cannot expect this volunteer to be filling in docs on behalf of others.  
However we can enpower this person to come hunt us down :).  I think I 
need that too.

Any way are there any volunteers? Vince you got a good handle on the 
overall site process just recently do you have the time to lead this aspect?

I'll work on getting the ApacheDS stuff sorted out.  Trustin I think can 
work on preparing a MINA release (its time I think since our users are 
interested as well).

All interested users can help too.  Here's some stuff our users can help 
out with:

(1) Go through JIRA making sure your favorite issues are voted on and 
associated with a fix for 0.9
(2) Check the site and docs - let us know what we need to fix or what we 
can do to clarify
(3) Test any pre-release tarballs we put out there

While finding new issues please push stuff into JIRA so we can work off 
of the tasks, bugs etc there.

0.9 is going to be glorious with all the neat features and improvements:
  o performance will be incredible now with MINA
  o refactored filters in MINA
  o kerberos server plugin will be included
  o new interceptor framework redesign cleans up a lot
  o pluggable user interceptors
  o configurable user partition
  o preferences API backed by LDAP
  o Server side JNDI provider refactoring
  o new kerberos refactorings
  o bug fixes in ldap common
  o removal of some commons deps
  o support for SSL on JDK 5.0
  o new (non-incubator) final groupIds for all artifacts

( if I missed anything please let me know )

We can't wait to get this release out there for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you all,

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