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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [mina] Performance issues
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 17:56:50 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:


> Can I play devil's advocate here?
> Handling over 100 simultaneous connections is good (Tomcat doesn't 
> even do that out of the box).  8,000 simultaneous connections is 
> incredible for an all Java solution.

Really Tomcat could then gain by using MINA.

> So I guess the big thing here is to know when to say "when".  If you 
> know that 8,000 simultaneous connections is your limit, then don't 
> accept any more.  Sure we can squeeze out a few more, and we can play 
> around with that.  However, to have a robust server we need to be able 
> to avoid being in a situation where a DOS attack can kill the server. 
> Once you limit the number of connections we deny any more coming in.

Very good points however I think these fellas are having a good time 
testing the limits and seeing for sure how far they can push MINA.  
We're going to better off for it even if we're not going to get over 8K 
concurrent connections.

> Last, but certainly not least, is there any way that we can have 
> multiple instances of the system up so that a smart router can send 
> connections to the different instances--allowing the system to scale 
> up using more machines?

This is a great question to ask.  I think this is the begining of some 
P2P convos we can have. 

I have always dreamed of building an index mesh for LDAP which could 
benefit from this.  The idea is different servers have different sets of 
attributes indexed.  When a query comes in and the present server 
instance (DSA) does not have the indices to do a fast search it hands it 
off to a server that can do the search faster than a full table scan.  
That would need some kind of P2P communication for index discovery.  
Regardless I have other perhaps more relavent ideas where P2P can come 
in handy.

> I think it is stellar that MINA is performing as well as it is.

That's a big +1. The Trustinator will never give up on making his stuff 
better ;). 


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