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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject 0.9 Release Manager
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 03:40:08 GMT
Hi Peoples,

We released ApacheDS 0.8 on Jan 23rd.  I think we should do it again 
before going over the 2 month mark.  Let's shoot for a release before or 
on March 23rd (arbitrarily chosen even date - no sense to it).  Plus we 
have nice features.  People want them and the feature even work :).

First off we need to dump apseda from the list of everything. 

Secondly we're now using MINA and it rocks. 

We have SSL and a bunch of improvements to perf on asn1 and on the 
server itself. 

We have new features in the server thanks to Endi with a custom 
Authenticator, plugable backends etc. which we need to apply the patch 
too.  We got stuff in head people want so its time to give it to em in a 

Also everyone please if there is something you want really bad in 0.9 
make sure you're going to JIRA and adding your issues to the 0.9 release 
so who ever needs to manage the release can work with you.

Also I think it's about time we released MINA 0.7 as well.  I think its 
just as good a product as the directory server and will lead to people 
writing other protocol servers.  Some of which we or they can snap right 
into ApacheDS ;).  So its a good idea to get this useful library out 
there to people.

Any objections?

Ok so with that said ...

We need someone to take the position of Release Manager for 0.9.  Any 


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