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From "Robert r. Sanders" <>
Subject Re: Configure (Eve) server from properties file.
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 20:52:51 GMT
David Boreham wrote:

> Quick question: could you expand on what exactly you mean
> by 'a directory configuration' ? I'm guessing that you don't mean
> different vendors' products (e.g. test with Active Directory first,
> then with Novell eDirectory, and next with Apache Directory Server).
> And you probably don't mean something like changing the list port on 
> the server.
> Are you planning to test different
> DIT shapes, different user schema, stuff like that ? (e.g. one site 
> puts all users in one container, others divide them up between 
> containers for functional
> groups; one site uses 'uid' as a naming attribute while
> another uses 'cn'). 

Exactly.  I won't be able to test the quirks of the different server 
implementations; but I should be able to test a broad range of different 
user schema and the like.

> If this is what you mean by
> 'different configuration' then I believe you can probably
> do everything you need to do via LDAP because
> all you're doing is creating container entries in different
> places and with different object classes.
> You can add all the entries in the DIT, run your tests,
> then delete the entire DIT, then iterate with a new one.
> Did I get that right ?
Ok, I think I finally have gotten what I am trying to do explained. 

    Robert r. Sanders
    Chief Technologist
    (334) 821-5412

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