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From "Robert r. Sanders" <>
Subject Re: Configure (Eve) server from properties file.
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 19:51:42 GMT
Thanks for taking the time to respond in such detail.

> Ok, thanks. The code was a great help in understanding where you're at !
> So I'm not sure that you really need to change the server's schema:
> that would entail for example adding a new LDAP object class with
> new attributes : say a 'fordMotorCompanyPerson' with a 'favouriteSuv'
> attribute, or similar. I can't see why you'd want to do that : seems
> that you can use the standard inetOrgPerson schema here.
> Is it possible that when you say 'schema' you aren't using the
> term in the way that it's used in Directory-land ?
> Otherwise, it seems to me that you'd want to load some test users
> and perhaps groups into the LDAP server under test, and then call
> your auth code and see if you get the correct results back
> (can authenticate with valid user, can not with unvalid user etc etc).

Here's the only twist: I don't just want to test it for my setup; I want to:

1. setup a directory configuration.
2. load test user's
3. configure my auth. code in recommended manner for server config.
4. run a set of tests as you say.
5. using a different directory configuration, return to step one and 
repeat until I iterate through all the directory configurations I have 
(the idea would be to expand this as user's report new and unusual ways 
that their network admins have decided to configure their servers).

> I think your best option for doing that would be to simply write
> JNDI code that adds the users and groups. Forgive my relative
> lack of JNDI knowledge : back in the day JNDI did not
> support the full fidelity of the LDAP protocol, so I've mostly
> worked with other LDAP client libraries that did. However I'm
> fairly confident that you should be able to add basic users
> and groups with JNDI these days.
> So all your test code would be a JNDI application. I don't
> think you need LDIF or DSML for this: just write Java that
> generates some user objects and pass then to JNDI.
Ok, from what you've said this looks like a good point to start.  I 
think once I get started that I will have a much clearer idea what if 
anything else I may need to learn.  Thanks.

    Robert r. Sanders
    Chief Technologist
    (334) 821-5412

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