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From David Boreham <>
Subject Re: Configure (Eve) server from properties file.
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 22:34:00 GMT
Robert r. Sanders wrote:

> I know this is more of a user's list question, but there doesn't seem 
> to be one yet.
> After looking back over my code, I think that what I was doing was not 
> what I was trying to do.  What I want is to have several alternative 
> configurations (schemas + data) as text files; and load those (not all 
> at once) into the server so I can then test some JNDI calls to see if 
> they are returning the expected results (given the data that was 
> loaded).  I think something like LDIF files are what I am aiming for 
> (although a clean xml syntax might be cool) - are there any examples 
> or docs that would be useful to me in figuring this out?  Thanks for 
> your time.

Not sure if I am understanding your goals here, but I'll take a stab:

1. If you're testing, wouldn't you want to write the data via LDAP, and 
read it
back to verify via LDAP ? (or am I missing something here ? perhaps this
is a unit test designed specifically to NOT test end-to-end functionality?).

2. Why not use LDIF ? Or if you like XML, use DSML, which is an XML
syntax for LDIF.

3. For some kinds of test it's easier to generate the test data
at run time in the test program (saves having to manage
LDIF or whatever files, which tends to have to be done
by a human).

4. If it saves time, there are plenty of existing LDAP clients
that will happily read LDIF and send it over-the-wire.

Apologies if I've missed the point.

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