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From Vincent Tence <>
Subject Re: [release] Call for help to release apacheds 0.9 and mina 0.7
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2005 03:34:49 GMT
Doing the follow up on that.

Here's the current status of the site:

Main site:

- Main page links are ok.

- We should consider getting rid of the Resources/sandbox link, which is
confusing IMHO
- We still reference Avalon under Resources/Related Projects. Should we
remove that as well?

The news page is terrible. The last entry is dated Feb 2004. Maybe a
quick note announcing the 0.9 release would be welcome


Fine ;-)

All Others

Check your Source Repo links. They all point to incubator svn.

Shouldn't all subprojects have a News and Status page to reflect whats
going on? We could even aggregate news from subprojects on the main site
News page. WDYT?

-- Vincent

On Wed, 2005-03-23 at 16:37 -0500, Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Peoples,
> We need a hand or two to push 0.9 out of the door before months end.  I 
> was hoping to get this done today but there's just too much.  Also 
> before we actually release I want to make sure our sitedocs are fully up 
> to date and they don't have broken links etc.
> Could we have some volunteers for helping with the site.  Basically for 
> 0.9 I'm looking for someone to take the lead in pushing all the project 
> leads to make sure their docs are intact and have no broken links.  We 
> cannot expect this volunteer to be filling in docs on behalf of others.  
> However we can enpower this person to come hunt us down :).  I think I 
> need that too.
> Any way are there any volunteers? Vince you got a good handle on the 
> overall site process just recently do you have the time to lead this aspect?
> I'll work on getting the ApacheDS stuff sorted out.  Trustin I think can 
> work on preparing a MINA release (its time I think since our users are 
> interested as well).
> All interested users can help too.  Here's some stuff our users can help 
> out with:
> (1) Go through JIRA making sure your favorite issues are voted on and 
> associated with a fix for 0.9
> (2) Check the site and docs - let us know what we need to fix or what we 
> can do to clarify
> (3) Test any pre-release tarballs we put out there
> While finding new issues please push stuff into JIRA so we can work off 
> of the tasks, bugs etc there.
> 0.9 is going to be glorious with all the neat features and improvements:
>   o performance will be incredible now with MINA
>   o refactored filters in MINA
>   o kerberos server plugin will be included
>   o new interceptor framework redesign cleans up a lot
>   o pluggable user interceptors
>   o configurable user partition
>   o preferences API backed by LDAP
>   o Server side JNDI provider refactoring
>   o new kerberos refactorings
>   o bug fixes in ldap common
>   o removal of some commons deps
>   o support for SSL on JDK 5.0
>   o new (non-incubator) final groupIds for all artifacts
> ( if I missed anything please let me know )
> We can't wait to get this release out there for everyone to enjoy.
> Thank you all,
> Alex

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